Fully Charged

Modern Women Are Taking Back Hours

No one likes a time-suck. With multitasking apps and online calendars, modern women are taking back more hours in the day to do what they love.

Hooked On Connectivity

Their phones have become platforms of secret-weapon apps, from tutorials to maps to communication tools, all accessible with the tap of a finger.

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18-24 25-34 35-54
Social Social Social
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Tutorial Maps Maps
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Maps Tutorial Tutorial
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Calendar Payments Payments
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Messaging Calendar Calendar

Never Idle

Millennial women value their leisure time, and they are using the mobile tools at their disposal to put it to good use — pouring themselves into their hobbies and investing in their well-being.


of millennial women say technology helps them free up time to do more of the things they love.

Learning, On Demand

Access to Passions She Has Yet to Develop

Technology not only gives the millennial woman time to enjoy her established interests, it also allows her immediate access to passions she has yet to develop.

Inspired to Act

The best way to learn something is by seeing it done by a master. Video, more than any other format, allows her to marry the resourcefulness with clear directives and inspiration of sight, sound, and motion.

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True millennial women (ages 18 to 34) aren't afraid of a little competition. In fact, they thrive on being the first of their friends to know what's trending.


of millennial women say that technology helps them learn new things.

Creatures of Connection

Life, Shared in Real Time

Millennial women are deft reporters of their own lives, sharing edited snippets — through text, photographs, and video — with their friends and family as they unfold in real time.

Connecting to

Empowered by the latest technology, her social network is full of well-maintained, existing circles and new ones discovered along the way.


of millennial women say "Technology has given me a forum to showcase things I have made"

Conscious Consumerism

The Golden Age of Spending

Millennial women live in the golden age of spending. If something piques their interest, they do recon on materials, sourcing, promotions, customer reviews — all before pulling out their credit cards.

Mobilized Spending

Millennials know that retail therapy is an anytime, everywhere affair. They see mobile shopping as the preferred option over desktop or brick and mortar.

I prefer to shop via my mobile phone.

I use a lot of apps while shopping.

I often purchase items that I see brands promoting on social media.

It's just so easy to buy stuff from an app. Even when my computer is in front of me, I'll probably use my phone because it's quicker to navigate.

Michelle, 22, Chicago

It's cool to have things that are my own. I found a pair of diamond prism sunglasses that I've never seen before, ever, that some girls sells off her Tumblr.

Liz, 23, Chicago

With shopping online, you can have your glass of wine, be in your bedroom, and can click around. It makes it more convenient than going into the store.

Erica, 31, Atlanta